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Customer Testimonial

“I have become addicted to WM and I check it multiple times every day. Running a company and ensuring the productivity of employees, is almost as important as checking the bank account and sales figures”

Rick Massoumi CEO

October 28, 2010 at 2:38 pm

Terry Tate or WorkMeter?

“Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.” (James Allen)
Or choose Terry Tate. You don;t know who Terry Tate is? That big guy, beefy and sympathetic that has an incredible ability to increase the employees productivity? And the way he does it will be definetely remembered by all the employees, of course, if they will still be alive after his “tender” treat. If you still don’t know what i am talking about take a look at the video below:

As you know, a common challenge in many companies is that they cannot measure the productivity in their most appreciate assets:their employees.
And because “You can’t improve what you can’t measure,”, WorkMeter brings this necessary metrics and the business intelligence to really understand and improve productivity of the human resources.

WorkMeter is a unique solution, providing to our customer some incredible improvements and values, because allows companies to manage and improve productivity in a quantified way. Measuring employee’s computer activity, and matching it with the productivity map, now both the employees and managers can manage the focus, the effort and the improvement of each employee or department, while respecting his privacy.

Based on transparency and empowerment principles, the employees also participate in the adoption of the metrics, knowing where they are and how much they need to improve, meanwhile they feel respected because our solution doesn’t record any typing or content of any application (you can take a look to our official demo to better understand the benefits).

And because is a SaaS (software as a service) product, it can be deployed in just few minutes, without making any changes in customers infrastructure, getting the first data in just 15 minutes!

WorkMeter is a revolutionary product (pattented in USA), because finally allows to understand what is happening in a individual or aggregated way, and involves the employee while respecting his spaces. It helps to define a new way to manage people, publishing productivity as a metric to use in a day by day basis, helping employees to get the best habits focused on efficiency.
Now you can know if your team is really focused on the right activities and operating at their highest level of performance in effectively driving the
bottom line results you need from your business

Terry Tate does his job and he truly enjoys it, but it;s time for him to know that things can also be done in a more sophisticated and productive manner, the way WorkMeter does it:

WorkMeter…. Because you can only improve what you can….measure.

October 27, 2010 at 3:46 pm

WorkMeter – because you can only improve what you can measure

Ever wondered what percentage of the activity time of  yours employees is truly productive?
Until now  you could only guess, but now you can know for sure. The answer comes from the hand of WorkMeter, an application unique in the world able to provide objective information  about the employees performance based on metrics, which allows finding how productive they  are in their hours of work.
Promoting the wrong employee can be demotivating for anyone and a big  mistake for the  company.
It can also be a bad ideea investing in new contracts of more personnel when the current staff can fully carry out all the work or, conversely, reduce assets when the task at hand
workers  is necesaria.
Till today  all these decisions were taken based on subjectivity, which implies that they haven’t always  been right.
But there is an alternative: WorkMeter can decide based on verifiable facts, certainties. Making decisions based on metrics.


Adressed to any company whose employees use the computer as a tool, WorkMeter does not only provides information in order to be objective in decision-making, but also acts as a lever to increase the workforce productivity.
“Implemented already in  companies like Privalia or Europe Press, WorkMeter is generating an increase in the average productivity with 40%, said Joan Pons,” besides providing other benefits, since  we know the information about the activity of each worker makes it possible to know  how much work an employee has, who may need a coaching program or what departments requires reinforcements.WorkMeter generates data from minute one. “


Audit your staff? Some entrepreneurs and managers who were questioning the same issue today are using WorkMeter and, contrary to what may seem, their employees are happier,  can  manage better their time and,  furthermore, they are certain that your efforts will be reflected in the metrics “, says the responsible of Silon.
The “feedback” I get from the companies-Joan Pons continued – is that WorkMeter generates such improvements in performance and in the field of Business Intelligence that it has become a basic tool in the day to day, so it’s aim is to install it  on the computers of all employees in your company.
Furthermore – says Pons,   to have a tool like WorkMeter is essential at this time.
In the current context of crisis all companies are trying to optimize their resources, but most of them are based on subjetividades.WorkMeter, however, helps you make the right decision. This is the reason why WorkMeter is an application that should be implemented in all the companies in the world”. WorkMeter  does not audit employees, it measures their productivity. The application was not born with the vocation to be a spy program. In fact it does not do it. WorkMeter’s goal is to help the  organizations to create a culture of empowerment, transparency, management by metrics, all these without invading the employee privacy.
In this regard, note that the application does not save the contents of the mails, or chats, respecting the user’s privacy. It only collects the activity level of the application or website to determine the user’s productivity level.
In addition, WorkMeter allows to define time spaces in which it doesn’t record the individual activity. Schedules and times are defined by the manager, so the employees have officially their private space, even if this is for a limited time.
The productivity information makes the worker to be transparent with himself and with  the organizacion.
The installation of WorkMeter makes the employee to be  self-conscious in investing their time … and  to act properly . Only what can be measured can be improved!

Benefits of WorkMeter

Immediate concentration in the productive activity
On average,  WorkMeter records in the teams an increse of one hour per day in the work-related activity.
Making decisions based on objective criteria
Identification and proactive response to non-productive behavioral changes
The solution WorkMeter helps correcting the  professional situations before it is too late.
Noticeable changes in the entire organizational structure.

Decreased employee turnover

Having recognized their activity and seeing that the problems are lead back  proactively, the employees tend to stay longer in the organization.Because the product does not violate the privacy of individuals, the employee feels empowered and respected.

Strengthening the training and improving the initiatives for good corporate habits

– Providing direct feedback to the employee reinforces the work habits

The continuous investments in training are rewarded with improved behaviour. With WorkMeter the company’s processes are improved quickly.

October 19, 2010 at 4:30 pm 1 comment

Is your company recognizing your efforts?Now you can manage and share your productivity!

Have you ever felt that you’re working on the wrong activities and not operating at peek performance through no fault of your own? Ever feel overwhelmed, under resourced and that you’re working on worthless / mindless activities? Have you ever wanted to scream for help?

WorkMeter is a tool that helps to ensure you’re working on the right tasks at the right time with the appropriate energy to ensure your success.

What is one of the main problems that nowadays organizations deal with?

The typical organization focuses its’ efforts on an endless number of activities intended to produce specific results without ever evaluating how they contribute toward targeted goals. Productivity is traditionally measured by comparing accumulated activities in relation to the resource time available, but it’s rarely tests the business logic of the activities you’re asked to perform.

Up until now there hasn’t been an effective way to measure the scope of these numerous activities, nor how they specifically relate to the desired outcomes your organization is asking you to perform, not to mention, the endless interruptions & distractions breaking down the quality of your work.

Is there any effective solution that could increase the productivity results?

WorkMeter is a highly effective, self-configuring easy to use outcome driven empowerment tool enabling you to identify the core activities that will significantly contribute toward, and drive, the results demanded of you.

Most importantly, aligned with the right business strategy, WorkMeter ensures you’re working on the right tasks at the right time with the appropriate energy, motivation and skill required to deliver high performance results.

Thus if your personal productivity increases but the effective company results don’t, WorkMeter validates the quality the business strategy that’s been engaged.

What are the benefits that WorkMeter brings?

Through WorkMeter’s transparent and empowerment principles, you’re guaranteed to increase your true productivity, as measured by your contribution to specific predefined outcomes. It simultaneously increases transparency & personal accountability for results across your organization.

WorkMeter’s intuitive dashboard helps you focus on your top priorities. It inherently supports you through opt-in self-analysis, which effectively increases your motivation through acknowledgement, continual development and growth principles based on highly targeted quantifiable metrics and outputs.

Who can benefit from the services that WorkMeter provides?

Any department or team of any size needing to deliver effective and demanding results through an engaging empowering process are ideal to immediately benefit from the transparent principles of WorkMeter.

What are you waiting for? Go to and get your 30-day free trial version today, and get immediate relief from the current challenges you’re still facing as you finish reading this informative document.

October 8, 2010 at 11:00 am

Productivity tips

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