HR Management 2.0

January 31, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Human resources have been managed in much the same way for 30 years.

The environment has changed, the media has changed, the tools have changed, and this is producing effects that companies often do not know how to manage.

In the past the control was applied, nowadays you have to manage the privacy of the employee, the flexible working hours and the social benefits. In the past you had to manage the effort, now you have to manage the talent. In the past the industry was managed, and now people in offices are managed. Initiatives such as teleworking and flexible working hours, or pay for targets in these new environments are often very difficult or almost impossible to implement.

A new management 2.0 based on metrics will be required in order to confront this new paradigm. A policy of transparency and awareness regarding the employee’s contribution. An objective basis for management and decision-making that also respects the privacy of individuals.

We need new policies and adequate tools for present and future, to ensure continuous improvement and enabling emerging trends in human resources management.

Companies will have to continue adapting these new methodologies, unless they will be surprised by management problems, productivity, safety … etc.

WorkMeter provides the necessary assistance to start this transition and assist companies in implementing new methodologies and processes with HR. For a cost of less than 1% of an employee’s salary, and exceptional ROI (sometimes only 1 week), this productivity management platform enables metrics to be a transparent and objective concept, allowing many of the initiatives that this new human resources management is demanding, and also significantly improving the time management and productivity of employees.


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